Ruler of the Land

Ruler of the Land

Alternative: 热血江湖 ; 熱血江湖 ; 열강 ; 열혈강호 ; Hiệp Khách Giang Hồ ; Sabre & Dragon ; Sabre et Dragon ; The Ruler of the Land ; Yul Hyul Gang Ho ; Yul Hyul Kang Ho ; Yulgang ; Žemės valdytojas (Lithuanian)
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Author(s): Jeon geuk-jin
Artist(s): Yang jae hyun
Genre: Shounen , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Ecchi , Fantasy , Martial arts , Romance,
Type: Korean Manhwa - Read from left to right.
Release: 1995
Status: Ongoing

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An intricate story revolving around Han Bi Kwang as he follows a hero's journey. Just throw in a historic setting, ancient weapons, and a riveting plotline and you have one of the most highly-acclaimed manwha, a definite must-read. From ADV: Bi-Kwang and Hwa-Rin try in vain to shake ---Sang Pil "Gold Cobra" Jin and his men, but ultimately they are forced to defend themselves. Unfortunately, Bi-Kwang and Hwa-Rin lose, and the Sword of the Flowers is taken from them. Bi-Kwang and Hwa-Rin regroup, pursuing Sang Pil Jin in an effort to retrieve the sword-but then Sang Pil and his men learn that Bi-Kwang and Hwa-Rin aren't the only ones after them. Sang Pil's superior, Master Yoo, has learned that Sang Pil planned to keep the sword for himself, and has approached Shi-Yun, leader of the Black Serpents, for help. The lives of Bi-Kwang, Hwa-Rin, Sang Pil Jin, and his men are all in danger, as Master Yoo and the Black Serpents join forces and search for the sword together.

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