• Alternative:成为魔王的方法; 魔王の始め方 THE COMIC; How to Book on the Devil - The Comic; How to Get Started as the Demon King - The Comic; Maou no Hajimekata - The Comic
  • Author:Warau Yakan
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  • Status: Completed
  • Genres: Action , Fantasy , Romance , Drama , Adventure
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Maou no Hajimekata

"I do not trust humans. They’ll betray you without fail.” Aur, the man who had obtained the ability and right to become the Maou at the end of his life of research. Summoning the succubus Lilu, he then sets out on creating his own domain, a gigantic labyrinthine dungeon… The misanthropic Maou taking on the world, the curtain rises on a dark harem fantasy! 
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